Good Earth Pottery

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                                                                                                    Good Earth Pottery is the workshop of potter Rodney Lemonier. Located in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas. Designing and making pottery since 1972 Rodney still adheres to the each piece as an individual philosophy, which drew him into the arts in the beginning. From sweeping the shop to mixing his own custom clay, as well as mixing glazes from scratch and firing the kiln, it’s a one-man shop. Pieces begin on the potter’s wheel where the main body of the vessel is formed, then depending on the piece; forms are altered handles added etc. Pots are all fired twice in a gas reduction kiln to a glaze temperature of 2350’ F,  rendering them oven proof dishwasher safe and approved for use in the microwave. Because of the original nature of these pieces,  you should expect some variation in glaze color and shape, in fact, you should be suspicious of work calling itself handmade that doesn’t. After all that’s what you’re paying for in handmade functional art, is originality. Thanks for looking at my work and hope you see something you like.

Good Earth Pottery

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Rodney Lemonier

4395 East Oliver Place

Rogersville, MO 65742

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Good Earth Pottery Studio

Evening Shade, Arkansas